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Today the world is facing the COVID-19 crisis, a pandemic that has changed life for millions of people. Mumbai, the financial capital of India marks the epicenter of the most no. of infected COVID-19 cases, public health facilities have had a test time. Since private sectors are still analyzing the course of this pandemic, people looked up to the government run health care centers for patient care.

In such a scenario the BKC COVID care is one of a kind facility centre located at prime suburban region of Mumbai catering to the most affected wards. It is India’s first make shift centre. Not just a COVID care unit, but the BKC care facility unit is planned in a way to be a state-of-the art facility centre with all services required for patient care to be stationed in-house.

Built over 61618 sq.m widespread area of MMRDA open ground, the BKC COVID centre is divided in layouts, functional since 25/05/2020.

The BKC facility centre has been catering successfully to the entire eastern and western belt serving 85% of the most affected wards.

The medical care provided in this facility has proven to be much above the required national medical standards with more than 50% cases turning negative within 5 days of being tested positive after 1st swab test. This centre is looked upon by not just the underprivileged population, but also the well designated class opt for this unit following regional and nationally acclaimed reviews.

Mission, Vision, Objective

Our Mission

To be the choice of healthcare centre in acquiring treatment and patient care services for COVID-19.

Our Vision

To be a world class state of the art tertiary care COVID centre in public health system.

Our Objective

To stand as a voluntary option for COVID care amongst private as well as public healthcare and deliver optimal patient care with a goal of zero error and 100% compliance.

Management team

Dr. Rajesh Dere:


He is the dean of this facility with a team of 230 doctors, 222 nurses, 31 technicians, 30 admin team along with a group of approximately 60 consultants to guide the doctors where expertise is required. For the smooth functionality, the unit is also well equipped 24×7 with engineering team, O2 operators, plumbers, RO plant operator, Fire fighting staffs, Dewatering pump staffs, Security personnel, housekeeping, Patient care attendants and counselors.