Having a centre head from the Medical fields and the providence of inexpensive, simple technological solutions can help in bridging the gaps in management in this pandemic situation. The BKC COVID CENTRE is the leading healthcare in providing the highest standards of medical care in spite of being a transit COVID care hospital. Various services provided here are as follows

IN- Patient services

In patient admission services at BKC are opened 24×7. We provide free of cost distribution of welcome kits that includes soap, towel, shampoo, Colgate, hair oil, etc and prescribed medications to all the individual admitted patients. We also provide round the clock monitoring of patients by various consultants and doctors.

Intensive care unit

We have ventilators, Bipap and ICU facility backing up with 24×7 oxygen supply with round the clock availability of cardiologist. We also have backed up ICU which includes superspeciality units like nephrology, cardiology and chest machine.

Nephrology services

We are well known to provide hemodialysis to CKD5D patients, SLED to acute kidney injury patients in ICU and treatment for other issues like hyponatremia, hyponatremia, hypokalemia, hyperkalemia, etc. We also provide conservative management of AKI and CKD.

Pediatrics services

We provide number of services for children including services for symptomatic COVID positive suspects less than 18 years of age. We also provide treatment for COVID positive pregnant women.

Admission of children who are having saturation <90% on room air is not allowed. In this case we initially stabilize the babies and then refer them to the higher centre with extra caution.

Pathology services

We are equipped with advanced pathology laboratory which includes all serological and biochemical testing processes. 24×7 availability of pathology testing services with highly efficient and trained staff members.

SWAB management services

We have been doing RTPCR, ANTIGEN and ANTIBODY testing of suspect COVID patients through their swab collection. We provide COVID results of the patients within few hours of their testing.

Mental health services

COVID has affected both patients and healthcare professionals resulting in their mental stress thus we provide psychosocial care through MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE team of our hospital. This team consist of a Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Medical social workers. All members are qualified and experienced in their respective roles. Here the patients are provided supportive counseling about illness, self care and practical problem solving. As per needs, patients are also provided with brief Psychotherapy and Psychotropic medications.

Diabetes Ward

We have dedicated Diabetologists to help maintain good levels of blood glucose for our patients at the BKC COVID centre. There are over 300 patients whose blood glucose need proper monitoring. So, to effectively track and treat so many patients, our team has come up with a novel solution which is real-time, cost saving, quick and convenient.

Tech-driven services

We use high tech machines for the treatment of patients. We have fully equipped emergency room, X-ray unit with portable ultrasonography and 2D ECHO with digital integration of all the reports via PACS. We also use automated bots for zero contact medicine and food delivery, remote disinfection, etc.

Dietician and diet therapy

Our COVID care has the finest and experienced clinical dietician who provide medical nutrition therapy for the patients in our hospital. We calculate every admitted patients calorific needs by using nutritive software and then assess patients nutritional needs, develop and implement nutritional programs and evaluate and report the results. We also give supplements in RT feed in ICU as per clinical diseases to improve patients health those who are on ventilators.

Rehabilitation services

The BKC COVID care provides the service of Rehabilitation. Once discharged from the hospital setup, after 2-3 weeks it is proved that pulmonary rehabilitation works well. A post COVID setup has been arranged for the same where follow up and guidance for the patients is provided from the exercise point of view. This pulmonary rehabilitation should be continued lifelong to maintain and live an overall healthy lifestyle.

Counseling services

We have round the clock availability of trained and highly experienced counselors who offer routinely counseling sessions and guidance to the patients, their families and groups who are dealing with some mental issues.