• Quick patient registration & admission process through non contact cubicles.

4 Registration desks are placed at patient entry to facilitate                                quicker admission process with list contact policy.

  • Non Contact Clinics

Non-Contact  clinics  through  contactless  vehicles  for ambulatory  patients/minimizing required manpower as well as reducing infection spread to healthcare professionals to facilitate better admissions.

To serve the increasing no. of cases without any delay, 4 Registrations counters are maintained at the entrance with zero contact provision.


  • Dedicated triage ward, Nine spacious isolation wards of 58 bed each and 18 oxygenated wards of 28 beds capacity each:

Total Capacity: 1944(Including 12 bedded each dialysis unit,108 bedded ICU, 928 Non O2 and 896 O2 beds).

  • Liquid Oxygen
  1. Inox liquid oxygen tank:
  2. 13 KL Tank: 2
  3. 990 L Tank:2
  4. B. Manifold Room:
  5. Dedicated Manifold room for ICU Unit with

2802 litres of liquid oxygen capacity.

  1. Second manifold room for oxygenated wards

1870 litres of oxygen capacity.

  1. C. Additional 70, with 10 litre capacity, ambulatory O2

cylinders for patient transfer.


Total liquid oxygen is 33,352 litres.

N.B:- Refilling of O2 tank is done every 6 hour with    availability of arranging the refilling vehicle every hour.


  • With such provision even if all Non O2 beds(928) is converted to O2 support bed this facility is ready.
  • O2 tank capacities are inter connected with 2 way valves so that at any point of time dynamic shifting of O2 can be done.
  • Unique state of the art container ICU for serving cases apart from already existing 108 bedded ICU setup.


  • Welcome kit facilities:

We provide each patient with a welcome kit that includes soap, towel, shampoo, toothbrush, comb, sanitizer, powder and toothpaste. We also provide personal  hygiene kit and patient scrub to the patients at the time of admission. These facilities are provided for the comfortable stay of the patients.

  • Comfortable stay:

Comfort level is taken care of by providing one fan each for every patient along with food and laundry services. We also provide comfortable beds with separate bed sheets and blanket to the patients.

  • Free of cost food:

We provide catering facilities that is outsourced to assure timely and satisfactory meals to the staff taking care of the necessary nutritive intake requirement. Dietary consideration of patients considering their nutritious requirements such as protein, diabetic diet and also religious concern of providing “Jain food” is taken care of.

  • Supplementations:

We provide alternate day protein supplementation to the patients in form of dry fruit packets. Also proper supplements are given to the patients on the ventilators.

  • Bathroom facilities:

Clean bathrooms are provided along with the facility of hot water for bath. RO plants for drinking water and dispensing machine for hot water to avoid superadded infections is stationed.

  • Toilet facilities:

We provide 58 beds in a ward with 2 washroom units including Indian and western toilets, geysers and bathing area. Another 28 bedded ward is provided with 1 washroom unit including Indian and western toilets , geysers and bathing area.

  • 24×7 lab availability:

Free of cost lab investigations are available round the clock. We provide well equipped pathology lab to avoid delay in the treatment. We are associated with reputed NABL and CAP accredited molecular diagnostics labs for COVID-19 RT-PCR testing.

A separate phlebotomist is in operation for routine and emergence blood collection. All the laboratory investigations are uploaded in the software for maintaining records by the technical staff.

  • Tech-driven services:

We use comprehensive HMIS, which integrates laboratory investigations, ECG readings, X-ray uploading, making remote streamlined monitoring of patients. This helps in proper data management, reduction of spread of infection, more environment friendly as it saves paper. Also we are well known to be the only COVID hospital to go paperless.

  • 24×7 availability of best service providers:

We are a team of trained people and expert doctors who are always ready for providing the best treatment to the patients. Our doctors and other team members are highly experienced and work for the welfare of the community.

  • Ambulance services:

24×7 ambulance facility is available for the patient transfer with optimal no. of ambulances to avoid any delay. We also provide the facility of cardiac ambulances.

  • Medications:

We provide free of cost medicines including injection remedesivir and toccilizumab to the patients for their best recoveries.

  • Separate wards for suspected COVID patients:

We provide separate wards for COVID suspected patients to avoid spread of infection and provide them the best treatment for COVID.

  • Swab testing facilities:

We have been doing RTPCR, ANTIGEN and ANTIBODY testing of suspect COVID patients through their swab collection. We provide free of cost COVID results of the patients within few hours of their testing through MCGM recognized labs.

  • Special wards for paediatric COVID patients:

We are the first healthcare to provide the facility of designated special wards for paediatric COVID patients.

  • Executive rooms for designated officers and doctors:

We provide separate executive chambers for the designated officers and doctors for the better working of the healthcare.

  • Water facilities:

We are well equipped with the facilities of hot and cold water. RO plants for drinking water and dispensing machines for hot water are properly stationed.

  • Patients monitoring:

Facility of 24×7 monitoring of the patients by trained doctors through non contact cubicles is provided by the healthcare. 220 high definition CCTV cameras are installed at this centre, of which the control room has a direct access. Each ICU bed has a separate CCTV camera for due management of critical patients.

  • Admission and discharge process via digital mode:

We ensure the admission and discharge of the patients via digital mode which helps in saving the environment and promote paperless services.

  • Patient information system:

We are the first to use SMS gateway to provide information of patients to relatives through SMS. We also provide a special patient login to see the reports of patients through software.

  • Sanitation:

We provide contactless sanitization dispensers that are planted at strategic location to assure constant hygiene.

UV sanitization dispensers and Nano technology dispensers are placed to avoid zero contact.

Pest control measures and vector borne diseases are monitored weekly by the pest control department of MCGM.

We are also well managed with the drainage and sewage system to avoid water logging.